Kaelin L. Locker


Kaelin is a former Army Medic and OIF Veteran. After separating from Active Military, Kaelin fostered his passion for serving fellow veterans while serving at California State University Fullerton's (CSUF) Veterans Resource Center (VRC) where he helped develop the Veteran Scholar Career Readiness Program (VSCRP), which prepares Veterans for the transition from college life to employment. He then went on to serve as the Veterans Liaison in the office of former State Senator Josh Newman of the 29th Senate District. Kaelin served formerly at CSUF as the Student Veterans Association Vice President, the Student Veteran representative on the Student Fee Advisory Committee and the Presidents Committee for Equality and Inclusion. Kaelin is committed to serving veterans in a number of areas. With a formal education in Biochemistry from California State University Fullerton, his military experience and a background in business including sales and sales management/training, Kaelin's background spans a bridge between military service, science and leadership. Outside of his work and volunteer roles, Kaelin enjoys spending time with his family.

Daniel T. Monaghan, Chief Administrative Officer

Daniel is a former US Army Military Intelligence Colonel and Vice President of Operations for mass merchant retail distribution companies, with extensive experience in Comprehensive Operations Management, Contract Manufacturing, Distribution, Inventory, Purchasing, Human Resources, Customer Service, Creative Services, Operational Strategic Development and Start-up Implementation as well as Mass Merchant Customer Base. Daniel has led operations through rapid exponential growth supporting 400% increases in transactional volume in less than two years, peak volume of 40K orders per day yielding $115M increase in annual revenue to $325M. $3M annual reduction in Operating Expense thru execution of Operational Strategic Plan. Operational strategic development, organizational startup of a new video game business, Integration and consolidation of acquired businesses, rapid exponential growth of $20M to $100M for big name accounts

Murray Schrantz, Director of Fundraising

Murray Schrantz is the founder of True North Transitions, a non profit organization dedicated to assisting veterans seeking management and professional careers. With over 30 years of successful business experience at companies of all sizes, he helps veterans achieve career goals, not simply a job. His professional career includes key positions of leadership in sales, public relations, and marketing that supplement his leadership and instructional skills. He is also an adjunct professor for Career Transitions at Vanguard University. Murray has an MBA from Pepperdine University and an engineering degree from West Point. He also serves on the board of Mariposa Center, is an educational advocate for special needs youth in the foster care system, vice chair of the Employment Working Group for the Orange County Veterans and Military Family Collaborative (OCVMFC), and volunteers his time as an Admissions Field Representative for West Point. He co-authored the business book, “Adapt or Perish”, a sequel to “Adapt!”.

Pamela Keller, Director of Operations

Pamela has specialized in developing operations and supply chain teams for new companies and restructuring mature organizations to optimize corporate profitability and customer satisfaction. In her last position she was retained by Beachbody LLC as the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations with responsibility for developing a worldwide organization. Pamela began her career as an active duty Marine, continued her military service as a reservist in the Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy. She is prior enlisted and retired in 2017 from the Navy as a LCDR. Pamela holds a Bachelor Degree in Business, an MBA with a concentration in legal studies, and has attended the Naval War College and Navy Supply Corps School. She has also been on the FedEx E-Commerce Board of Directors, the Advisory Council for SCOPE and is a Supply Chain and Operations speaker for various industry events. In addition to Pamela's service with the Veterans Business Network, she currently serves as Board Secretary for the Foundation for Women Warriors.

Jose Guevara, Director of Events

John Baker, Deputy Director of Events

Andrew "Drew" Rothenberger, Director of Legal Affairs

Andrew is a former US Airforce Airborne Cryptologic Linguist and OIF veteran. He also served as a civilian training multinational military forces and conducting intelligence collection missions throughout Afghanistan for over three years. While transitioning back into the civilian sector, Andrew interned with the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Orange County Public Defenders and District Attorney’s Offices and Los Angeles County Probation Department Office of Independent Review all while obtaining his Juris Doctorate. After graduating from the University of California, Irvine School of Law, he continued to advocate for veterans. He was a Managing Staff Attorney at the Veterans Legal Institute immediately following graduation and is now a civil litigator with Taylor|Anderson, LLP. Andrew is currently a member of the Orange County Bar Association’s Veterans and Military Committee and Young Lawyer Division.


Board Advisors

Chase Wickersham

Chase Wickersham has been active for over eight years in the veteran community and recently retired as Director of the Tierney Center at Goodwill of Orange County. He is currently involved with the Orange County Veterans and Military Families Collaborative, MHSA Steering Committee, the Orange County Veterans Advisory Council and various boards and veteran councils. He was previously a board member of U.S.VETS and Senior Vice President of Operations. As a small business owner and manager, he has started businesses and managed companies in the industrial automation industry. His positions included President, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager over a career spanning 40 years. He served as a First Lieutenant with the U.S. ARMY as an Artillery Officer in Vietnam in 1970. In addition, Chase was a founding member of the Veterans Business Network and currently serves as an advisor to the board.

Josh Newman

Josh Newman is a United States Army veteran, community activist, non-profit founder, and former State Senator for the 29th Senate district of California. A graduate of Yale, Senator Newman has been motivated by public service his whole life. In 2012, Josh established ArmedForce2Workforce, a non-profit initiative to assist young veterans in the Orange County and Greater Los Angeles area in the pursuit of rewarding, career-oriented employment. At the core of Af2wf’s approach is the fundamental belief that no single group has as much to offer to employers as young veterans. In addition, Josh was a founding member of the Veterans Business Network and currently serves as an advisor to the board.

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